26 maggio 2020

Progetti europei 2020

Let’s save our planet!

Progetti europei 2020

This project aims at highlighting the global environmental and climate emergency.
We would like to raise our students’ awareness of the risks posed by climate change, inspire and enable them to work together and think about actions we can take to stop the sufferings of our earth.
This project also aims at connecting cultures across Europe to promote understanding and friendship among our pupils. Thanks to the eTwinning community our students will be able to live and appreciate the European multicultural experience.
It is a multidisciplinary project and we are going to use the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology: English, Geography, Technology and Science teachers are going to collaborate and deal with the environmental problems of our planet.
We will exchange information on the environmental issues of our towns and regions, we will think together about actions we can take to safeguard the living conditions of future generations: recycling, stopping the use of plastic and, hopefully, producing zero waste and zero greenhouse gas emissions.


Subjects: Foreign Languages, Informatics / ICT, Geography, Technology, Science.
Languages: English
Pupil's age: 10-13
Tools to be used: chat, e-mail, forum, other software (PowerPoint, video, pictures and drawings), TwinSpace, web tools (quizlet, padlet, kizoa, learning apps ...), Google Form and Google Drive, software for ebook.


Aims and competences:

  • Cultural awareness and expression: Participants of the projects will have the chance to get familiar with the diversity of many different cultures and develop positive values and attitudes. Students will get to know each other and hopefully make friends.

  • Communicating in a foreign language: Students will use English for communication and they will practice their linguistic skills.

  • Digital competence: They will use a lot of interesting ICT tools and they will develop ICT skills.

  • Learning to learn: They will manage their own learning, either individually or in groups.

  • Basic scientific and technological competences: they will learn about environmental issues.

  • Social and civic competences: They will be aware of our planet sufferings, they will learn to

    respect it and take actions to safeguard it.

    Work process: 2018-2019

    September - Preparation and starting activities. Pupils create their own accounts and profiles. Permissions from parents for children under eighteen for publishing their photos and videos.

October - Introductions: students say hello each other on a common padlet and then prepare a presentation to introduce themselves and their schools. They can prepare documents with pictures, or slide presentations, or videos.
Pupils read or watch each other’s presentation and get in touch with at least three for each country, by asking for more information. Starting to exchange emails using the TwinMail.

November – Logo competition. Students create their own logos, then each school selects 3 of their own best logos which are next uploaded in the TwinSpace in order to be voted by all partners. December - Merry Christmas: students exchange Christmas wishes using various webtools (padlet, learning apps...).

December / January - CLIL activities on the environmental problems of their own town and regions (lesson plan, quizlet...). They create documents, presentations, posters, videos...
February / March – Transnational groups of eTwinners think about what actions we can take to safeguard our planet and so the living conditions of future generations: recycling, stopping to use plastic and possibly producing zero waste and zero greenhouse gas emissions. They work collaboratively on Google Drive. A selection of the main actions can be related in an ebook.

April – Examples of famous people who are committed to protect our planet. The partner schools create a video to promote actions to save our earth.
May – Evaluation: pupils fill in an online questionnaire on the project (Google Form).
June – Dissemination: presentation of the project activities to be uploaded on one’s own school website and arrangement of a parents’ evening at school to show them what their children have done.

Expected results:

All documents, presentations, pictures and videos will be filed in the TwinSpace.
Pupils will improve their English skills.
Pupils will use new ICT tools.
Pupils will have a better understanding and knowledge of the global environmental and climate emergency.

Transnational groups of eTwinners will produce materials about what we can do to safeguard our planet and the living conditions of future generations.
Videos to promote actions to save our earth.
We also hope to create a real connection and friendship between the partner pupils.

The project will last from September 2019 to June 2020.


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